Let's Talk Ekta Wadhwa with Ruby Sahota

We are back with another exciting Talk Show – Ekta Wadhwa with Ruby Sahota

Ruby Sahota Ruby Sahota is the re-elected Member of Parliament for Brampton North.

In this  episode  she has a warm  chat  with Ekta Wadhwa  and talks  about  great initiatives  that have been taken  during the #Covid 19.


Once elected, Sahota was appointed to both the Standing Committee on the Status of Women and the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs. She was subsequently named to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform. On February 1, 2017, she was elected Chair of the Federal Liberal Ontario Caucus by her peers. As Caucus Chair, she presides over meetings, lead discussion and act as an important link between Ontario Liberal MPs and the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet.


Message  from Ruby Sahota’s office


The basic personal amount is a non-refundable tax credit that all taxpayers are eligible to claim. The basic personal amount is the amount you can earn without paying any income tax. To save you even more money, the Federal Liberal Government is increasing the BPA by 15% over the next four years, reaching $15,000 in 2023.

This increase to the BPA will cut taxes for close to 20 million Canadians, including 4.3 million seniors. To ensure that this tax relief goes to the people who need help most, the Government also ensured that the wealthiest Canadians were not entitled to this tax break. Those in the second highest tax bracket will see their BPA reduced, while those in the highest tax bracket will receive no BPA.

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