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Making Music for ‘Crossing the River’

Making Music for ‘Crossing the River’

“Crossing the River of Life” needed music to be a complete film.

More importantly, it needed original music from a real musician. Someone who had the talent and the inclination to make music for the film. Someone trustworthy, with long experience and a passion for making music.

It took a lot of asking around, while hoping and praying that such a person actually existed and would be willing to work on the documentary.

That’s when the recommendations for Colin D’Cruz came in.

A jazz musician since the early 70’s, Colin spent years playing live gigs, studying music theory and expanding his jazz vocabulary. Currently based in Goa with his own studio, he produces audio and video of original jazz music. His love of jazz music even pushed him to set up Jazz Goa, an organization that promotes jazz in and out of Goa.

He only visited Canada a few times to play gigs, so the first few communications with him was through the phone and email.

But from the very first conversation, Colin showed a wide knowledge of music and an eager interest to make music for the documentary. After some more back and forth, he sent over some songs. By the final notes of those songs, Colin became a definite part of the crew for Crossing the River of Life.

Over the course of the next few months, with each new track Colin sent over, the editing process for the documentary grew a little less daunting. The music helped refine ideas and even redefine how certain scenes would be framed in the final cut.

The opening track that he created is a favourite, because it evokes such strong feelings. You can listen to it here.

In fact, you can listen to all the music he created for our upcoming documentary Crossing the River of Life over here.

When you’re done enjoying that, listen to the rest of Colin’s and JazzGoa’s wonderful work. The music makes a great addition to your playlist.

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