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Ontario International Film Festival


Ontario International Film Festival

On February 4th 2020, the non-for-profit organization Canada Multicultural Entertainment (CME) held a press conference at the Barbara Frum Public Library in North York to announce the launch of the Ontario International Film Festival (ONIFF). Ritu Neb, who is an integral part of our upcoming documentary project Sree, attended the conference on behalf of New Horizon Media Arts, and had a lot of positive things to say about the upcoming festival.

Though CME is resolved to promote and nurture the development of film and television in Canada, the film festival in particular was created with the intention of bringing Filmmakers together through cultural events and to create harmony between Canada’s many multicultural groups.

During this February press conference, founder and president of CME and the film festival Rasha Asfur along with the Co-founder and the Executive Director Elaine Grant presented a wonderful picture of what the film festival would achieve for filmmakers, especially those that come from diverse backgrounds and those who’ve had a hard time breaking into the industry. The main aim of the festival is to recognize, reward and promote genuine filmmaking talent.

ONIFF is an annual festival that takes place every October in Toronto and this year it will run from October 19th to the 22nd. The festival will give independent filmmakers from any culture or background, the perfect place to enter the industry. Not only will they be able to learn to refine their craft and even meet with people from the industry, filmmakers will also be able to get their name out to those who can help them rise up

For the upcoming 2020 festival, ONIFF will be accepting completed film submission from February 24th to May 2nd. And the accepted categories for both domestic and international films include features, shorts, documentaries and even student projects.

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